Carrara Marble Polished

300 x 600mm & 600 x 600mm

£29.97  m2

£29.97  m2

Oozing with timeless elegance, our polished Carrara Marble tiles are an affordable yet beautiful solution for your interior, adding effortless sophistication with its bold grey veining.

300 x 600mm & 600 x 600mm
Gloss Finish
Wall & Floor
UFH Suitable

Carrara marble is one of the most sought-after marbles, originating from Tuscany. This stone comes with a heavy price tag, along with cleaning and other maintenance requirements as it is easily scratched and stained.

That is where our porcelain marble-imitation tiles come in. Carrara marble effect polished tiles are smooth and elegant, yet are perfectly suitable for flooring unlike real polished marble which is slippery. Glazed Porcelain gives a mirror shine gives the marble-imitation an added sense of luxury.

Try our Carrara Marble Polished tiles for a high-luxe showroom, shop floor or to wow your guests in your bathroom or hallway.


300 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm


Grey, White





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Wall & Floor

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Ceramics are more commonly used in bathrooms and on walls as they are not as dense as porcelain. Porcelain is fired in the kilns when produced to a higher tempreture therefore perfect for high traffic areas.

Short answer no, ceramic wall tiles are not strong enough to be used on the wall, but you can use a floor tile on the wall.

No, quite the oposite using small tiles in a small area creates more grout lines and therefore can draw the area in making it look smaller, using a larger popular size like a 300x600mm will give you less grout lines making the area look bigger.