Zodiac Scorpio

200 x 200mm

£35.00  m2

£35.00  m2

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Add the wow-factor with our stunning Zodiac Scorpio tiles. The zodiac sign of passion, our Zodiac Scorpio tiles are coloured in shades of charcoal and white for a striking and intense pattern.

200 x 200mm
Matt Finish
Wall & Floor Tile
UFH Suitable

Our Zodiac Scorpio tiles take inspiration from classic Victorian tiling, bringing sophisticated artistry to your interiors. The monochrome brings incredible contrast and is so versatile as the tiles can be combined with other tones of black, white and grey, or stand out amongst bold use of colour.

If you are wary about the use of monochrome in a small space, don’t worry. The stark contrast of black and white alter our impressions, expanding the room through the use of negative space.

Plus, Zodiac Scorpio’s ceramic material is matte and therefore perfect for a bathroom or kitchen thanks to its easy to clean and non-porous qualities.


200 x 200mm


Grey, Light Grey, White





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Wall & Floor

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Ceramics are more commonly used in bathrooms and on walls as they are not as dense as porcelain. Porcelain is fired in the kilns when produced to a higher tempreture therefore perfect for high traffic areas.

Short answer no, ceramic wall tiles are not strong enough to be used on the wall, but you can use a floor tile on the wall.

No, quite the oposite using small tiles in a small area creates more grout lines and therefore can draw the area in making it look smaller, using a larger popular size like a 300x600mm will give you less grout lines making the area look bigger.